LG has been innovating their little hearts out in the mobile space and it’s working. They’ve introduced new concepts – rear mounted keys, curved screens, flexible phones – and they’re grabbing attention everywhere, up to and including winning the ‘Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year’ at Mobile World Congress this year. Now, they want to hear from you about what should be the next big thing in Mobiles.

If you have an idea about what you want to see introduced on Mobiles then LG could have a prize for you. If you head to their Facebook page, LG is asking you to describe your idea in 50 words or less for a chance to win from a range of prizes. The competition runs from today until the 30th of April with a new prize being offered each week :

  • Week 1 – 60” LG TV (60LN5400) – RRP $1949
  • Week 2 – LG Ultra PC (13Z940) – RRP $1399
  • Week 3 – LG Home Theatre System (BH9540TW) – RRP $1099
  • Week 4 – LG G Flex – RRP $799

LG has produced a video to accompany the competition and as far as I’m concerned, Dave is on the right track with this idea :

Unfortunately my request for manufacturers to reintroduce the IR port has already been fulfilled, but perhaps my idea to have a Taser included will win?!?! Head over to LG Australia’s Facebook page and enter to see if your idea is what they’re after.

Source: LG Australia Facebook.
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Nah can’t agree. LG products are shot. Plain and simple. They don’t last. I have given up on the company that I used to be such a fan of. Every LG product I have ever owned had broken down just outside warranty. Yes every one of them. Poorly made products are not for me. As for white goods, I’ll stick to Samsung. For TV’s it’s Panasonic. For phones it’s nothing but HTC.

LG, innovation is great but if you can’t produce a quality finished product. Then you may as well give up.

Sean Royce

You have a very closed minded out look on products. We had an LG TV for about 6-7 years or so and it just broke down about 2 months ago. That’s a pretty good life time if you ask me.


I meant … Shit.. not shot.