If you think the outright cost of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a little steep at $929, but you still really want to purchase the device outright, you might like to have a look at Melbourne-based Millennius.

Millennius is currently advertising the device in Black or White for $779 plus shipping – $19, via Express Courier.

There are a couple of caveats, but nothing that should stop you in your tracks. Firstly, the big one: It’s not Australian stock. Millennius is importing the units from overseas, and offers a 1-year warranty. Secondly, because they’re being imported, your S5 won’t ship on launch day. Millennius is expecting their stock to arrive on the 12th of April, and will ship them out a couple of days later.

Important points to be sure, but if you’re saving over $100 on the purchase price, are you concerned if you don’t have the device on day 1?

It’s also worth remembering that the Galaxy S4‘s retail price dropped fairly quickly after its launch at $899 last year. If you’re prepared to wait until after the launch period, you might find similar price drops in store.

Will you buy a Galaxy S5 outright, or on contract? What’s more important to you – saving money, or having the device on day one? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Millennius.
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Dick Smith has been constantly handing out limited time coupons that gives out 10-12% off stuff in the last few weeks which I was able to use to get discounts on orders for a PS4 ($456.20)
on one occasion and an S5 ($817.53)
recently, (if you’re going overseas over the easter, it becomes an even better deal as you could claim back GST through the TRS) so I’d monitor them and ozbargain till next week before deciding to go for grey importers.

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Spend on $800 on a cheaper plastic phone? I am not idiot


I think buying outright is the way to go you save more in the long run with cheap byo plans etc and some companies don’t hold you to long term contracts OUTRIGHT IS THE WAY TO IF YOU CAN


Despite what Millennius claim they can’t force you to forfeit your rights under Australian Consumer Law. The 12-month warranty clause would be unenforceable and you’re within your rights to seek a remedy for a fault or defect for as long as is reasonable.


They offer 1 year warranty directly from them not from manufacturer so you dont need to wait for shipping back and forth overseas


Yeeaah, no…no…that’s not how it works. You’re purchasing the phone from them so they are the supplier. They can’t force you to deal with the manufacturer, that’s illegal.


im not sure that you follow my comment correctly.
Millennius offer 1 year warranty. They are not offering manufacturer warranty, so therefore you are dealing with the retailer…


I misunderstood your comment about “so you don’t need to wait for shipping back and forth overseas” – I thought you were suggesting this as a benefit of Milennius offering the warranty and therefore we should be happy with being restricted to 12 months only.

Point stands, your statutory rights cannot be discounted and you are covered for a reasonable period from point of purchase which, for mobile phones, most people consider to be 24 months.


are you a lawyer? if not then stop trying to be one. No one needs to offer 2 yrs if they dont want to.. They offer 1 yr and so do alot of companies.


He’s not a lawyer (at least, I don’t think so!) but @kjmci does know what he’s talking about.


I am not a lawyer, but I have a very good understanding of Australian Consumer Law and how it relates to consumer guarantees and warranties of mobile phones.


“Your rights under the consumer guarantees do not have a specific expiry date and can apply even after any warranties you’ve got from a business have expired.”


But where can I get an elusive gold S5 off the plan?


Order a grey market one from a country where the ‘gold’ S5 is available.


Samsung Experience Store has them at $929 for pre order. You can pre-view the black and white with the Gear Watch and Gear Fit models now in store. I have to say the S5 is much lighter when it comes to software bloat which is great and I have an idea why Samsung and HTC are doing this and releasing most of there main apps on the Play Store soon. It’s because Google Android is finally stepping in as Samsung HTC and some other brands are hurting Androids usability and performance by adding loads of bloat software some customers don’t… Read more »

vijay alapati

will Samsung sell these outright in samsung stores? If so whats the expected price? thought they will be selling these cheaper than S4

Sean Royce

Why would it be cheaper then the S4? It costs more to manufacture. And also, it’ll probably very close to this price.

vijay alapati

Seen on many sites that it will be cheaper than s4.

Sean Royce

It won’t be.


But Sean, I read it on the internet so it must be true! The internet wouldn’t lie to me, would it? D:

Sean Royce



they are saying it will cheaper then the S4 when the S4 first released which is probably true.. wasnt the S4 over $1000?