Google Developers
The window to register your interest to attend Google IO in June was supposed to open up in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and be open for two days according to the announcement made on the Google Developers blog last month. But the Google Developers Google+ account has just advised the window will now be open longer, but will not open till next week.

The post on Twitter links to the Google Developers Google+ page and advises the extended period that expressions of interest will be accepted for and the new dates :

Remember that winning this lottery doesn’t give you a ticket, it merely affords you the honour of handing over $900 ($300 if you’re a student) to attend the best developer conference this year (Darn right I’m biased).

The post says the delay is due to Google ‘working to make the registration process even easier for you’, but with developers attending Apple’s WWDC conference being notified today whether they had won (or lost) their ticket lottery, you can’t help but think that this is just a bit of a PR move to make sure there’s a bit more focus on Google’s event.

Who’s putting their hat in the ring for Google IO 2014?

Source: Google Developers.