In the lead up to the launch of their new phone scheduled for the 23rd of April, OnePlus has kept steadily teasing the Android enthusiast community to keep the ‘buzz’ surrounding their product alive, today is no different with Cyanogen himself – Steve Kondik – starring in a slightly unusual ‘unboxing’ of the One.

As you can see in the 39-second video, he doesn’t actually unbox the phone, just takes out all the boxed components of the One – Manuals, chargers, cables and the box containing the phone. He does finally take the phone out but it’s out of view and all we get is a golden glow mirrored onto Steve’s face, obviously a hat tip to Vincent Vega opening the briefcase supposedly containing Marsellus Wallace’s soul from the movie Pulp Fiction.

Not long to go now till the launch, hopefully we get some more details on local availability as well as a stream to follow the launch remotely, soon.

Does this video whet your appetite for the OnePlus One?

Source: OnePlus Twitter.
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vijay alapati

i hope they dont disappoint us after much hype on this product, as this reminds me of oppo N1