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Screenshot 2014-04-17 at 10The OnePlus One leaks are coming fast and strong in the last few days. Some have been perpetuated by OnePlus with them announcing things such as the invite system for purchasing and some are just plain leaks/rumours. The recent ones I am going to place in both baskets.

Overnight there have a been leaks of both apparent press images of the phone as well as images of the back plates that are meant to be coming. The back covers I am going to call real from OnePlus but the press images I am going to call fake. The StyleSwap back covers appear to be the colours and material they have previously confirmed will come with the device upon release. These include a denim, and a kevlar material. Personally I ma leaning towards a kevlar back material. These can be seen below.


The press renders I am going to call fake as there is inconsistency between the images. One image shows a power button on the side which is absent in another image. One image shows capacitive buttons which could be the case- OnePlus have hinted that a choice of capacitive or onscreen buttons will be available (not sure whether that is two different phones or just that the onscreen buttons can be turned on or off) although in the image there is a menu capacitive button and not a multitasking button which would be a massive mistake in my opinion. Samsung have finally switched so why would OnePlus so this, especially when Cyanogen Inc stick very close to AOSP ideals with their UI. The UI on the press renders look much more like MIUI than something we would expect to see from the kings of AOSP, Cyanogen Inc.

To me it looks very similar to the images of the Oppo Find 7. Considering that the OnePlus One is being made by Oppo it is not surprising that it is similar but OnePlus have stated that their device is different to all others. You be the judge:

Call me sceptical but once again we will have to wait until Wednesday the 23rd April at 4pm to see exactly what the OnePlus One is. Software though we have a bit more of an idea with Phandroid obtaining images of the new CyanogenMod UI. Interesting is that the screenshots do not have the soft buttons included but when they reached out to Carl from OnePlus he sent one with the soft buttons on it, so maybe it does have both. Not sure whether I like the idea of that or not.

One thing for sure is that the whole entire hype and build up around the OnePlus One is taking off. Their marketing via social media seems to be hyping the product well but whether that translates into selling a load of devices is yet to be seen. We will have to wait until the unveiling next Wednesday to determine whether these leaks are all real.

Are you still interested in this phone? I am now wavering. I do not want capacitive buttons and I certainly do not want a capacitive menu button.

Source: Android AuthorityPhandroid.
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Eason Qin

I hope it’s not real, its so findish. But it seems legit at least the back cover.


At first I read that as “fiendish” LOL


Why is this being reported on, considering that Australia is NOT among the launch countries, for a device that is only obtainable by invite only.


Because some people are still interested in it Jeni. Just because it isn’t coming here just yet doesn’t mean it’s not news. There are a lot of Aussies following the threads over at Oneplus.
And I have a feeling that there will be plenty of invites available. It seems that this is the way they are doing it so that the ordering system doesn’t crash ala Google’s servers for nexus devices… They can stagger the invites over a few hours… That way their servers don’t get killed.


There are lots of chinese phones worthy of reporting on, but you never report on these? Just this one because CM is involved.. thankfully Oppo is helping or it could possibly be one of the worst 2014 Chinese phones..


Those Chinese phones were released local to the Chinese market. OnePlus One is going international. And of course CM is used all over the world.


Jeni, why are you still harping on this issue? There would be plenty of ways to purchase this phone.