LG have made some outstanding phones over the last few years; Some LG branded such as the G2 but also the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. The G2’s successor, the G3 has started to make appearances on various sites including the hugely popular evleakswho earlier today tweeted an alleged image of the LG G3 in black.

There’s also images appearing now of the G3 in white.

Personally I like the look of the G3 and I’m now doubting myself as to whether I

  • Wait for the Nexus 6
  • Buy a One Plus One
  • Bite the bullet and get a G3

A new phone is always a tough decision and there’s always the potential that something better is around the corner, but if you wait for the perfect phone; you’ll never buy one!

What factors influence your decision to buy now, or wait for another device?

Source: Evleaks.
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Lol @ deanomalino.
My main issue is the size of the device. I’ve compared my current S3 to the N5 on display at the Telstra store and the size is great as well as added upgrades to specs.
Eagerly looking forward to the anouncment of the N6… So the price of the N5 drops πŸ™‚

Sean Royce

Have you considered the Xperia Z2? I got one the other day after months of research and I can say I’m incredibly happy with my purchase. It’s incredibly fast, great camera, display is vibrant and rich, viewing angles have been fixed completely, and all around a great experience.


I had the X1 as one of my first Android phones. I was really impressed and enjoyed the XPERIAnce. See what I did there? Lol.
I’m generally happy with Sony. If for some reason I decide against the N5, the Z1 mini would suffice lol

Sean Royce

Get the Z2 mate. It won’t disappoint.


Got that dilemma right now but for getting a Nexus 5. πŸ˜›


I was in the same boat as you, although i think those phones that you stated are a little too big. If the One Plus One actually delivered a 5.5inch screen in a 5 inch shell, then i would have gotten that in a heartbeat.
Nexus 5 is looking like the way to go.

Yianni soc

1. it looks like it’s actually a silver (metallic?) phone with a white case on it
2. is it just me, but when did i miss that the G3 will have a stylus?


2. That’s most likely the TV antenna that’s used in the Korean models (the G2, Optmimus G Pro and G Pro 2 had it for the Korean market)

Yianni soc

Ah yes.
bugger, I got my hopes up for Note 3 competitor/alternative…


I wonder if it will be the same launch price the G2 was and then I wonder, what was that figure! the G2 is very affordable now – I can only imagine it was a good price at launch also


I don’t think it was more than $550-600 (32gb version).