Yesterday, my HTC One received an update to the Sense TV app. I’m running a Sense 6 build on my phone, so the update came through the Play Store, and one thing in the changelog stood out to me–‘Fix UI layout for devices with different resolutions’.

Out of HTC’s released devices, only the One M7 and M8 and the One Max have IR blasters to control the TV. The app itself also includes a TV guide, so it’s not solely a remote control application, but HTC doesn’t ship it on the One mini which doesn’t have an IR blaster. The M7, M8, and One Max all have the same 1920×1080 screen resolution, so this update clearly isn’t aimed at any current HTC devices.

We know HTC will be bringing out a successor to the One mini, as well as new models in the Desire line. Even if the IR blaster doesn’t make its way down to the Desire, it seems like there is a very good chance that the One mini 2 will ship with a built-in IR blaster and the Sense TV app.

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The IR Blaster, and TV Apps are a great little feature.
Having not used a HTC, I have the Galaxy S5 (I have a Samsung TV also), but I can’t tell you the number of times I have used the WhatsOn App. It’s just so convenient and you can browse whats is currently screening or upcoming and schedule what you want to watch without interrupting anyone else or begging for the remote.