Competition in the MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) space is tough, very tough! One of the competitors in that space, Yatango, is out to make a big name for themselves at the moment.. Following their announcement only a few days ago that they have introduced 4G data to their network (after what is sure to have been long and drawn out negotiations with their carrier network), they’ve followed up with another announcement this morning; limitless voice.


Yatango works differently to other carriers: you’re able to change your plan month to month, including changing just your data, or just your SMS cap for that month. So, the added capability of having unlimited voice calls for a pretty cheap cost is really very attractive to a lot of users.


I have a PAYG SIM with Yatango following my review of their service over a year ago, and I’m very happy with the service I’ve had from them.

Do you use one of the big 3, or do you use a virtual operator as your Mobile provider – tell us why

Source: Yatango Mobile.
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    David Anderton

    pennytel is still better, 45 bucks unlimited text, voice and 5gb of data


    Do they use Optus and do they offer 4G?

    David Anderton

    Vodafone which at my house has far better reception than optus and telstra(I had both before going to Pennytel). No 4G yet.

    Benjamen Meiers

    I just signed up on a month to month plan on Vodafone. $50 for unlimited text, calls and 3gb of data was pretty good. It may only last 6 months, so I’ll re-evaluate then I suppose.

    Nicolas Heaton

    And then I realized that I have to have a Facebook (Don’t have/want) account…Back to Whistle-out.

    Nicolas Heaton

    I’m with Vaya but there service, not that I expect much has become worse over the last few months to the point where this article is timely and looking to move ASAP, not to mention that there call and data rates are no where near as good as they were two years ago, so I cannot recommend them any more when I get asked.

    Michael Reville

    Boost all the way.. Sure no 4g, but $40 unlimited text/voice and 2gb on full Telstra 3g network is hard to beat!

    Daniel Narbett

    Ditto for me

    Rowan Scott

    I’m with Amaysim, always had good service and coverage though they are dragging their feet on activating 4g. Yatango might just prompt me to shift


    Prepaid Telstra for me. Yes they may be slightly more expensive compared to the other options available, but the carrier billing to me, makes up for the price many times over.


    I’m with Telstra prepaid as well. I’m paying $50 a month which gets me 3.8gb (after spending $50 of Telstra credits on an additional 3gb) of 4G goodness and $950 worth of call credits and 6pm to 6am it’s unlimited calls to any network. No, I don’t work for Telstra.

    Michael Reville

    Hmm, actually maybe your deal is better than Boost.. Do you ever use up the call credits?


    I’ve never really come close to using up all the call credits. By the time I get home it’s almost 6pm so free time kicks in and I make most of my call at that time. If anything, the weekend is where my heaviest use with phone calls would be. Every month I recharge and I’ll first use the 800mb that comes with the $50 recharge and once I’ve used all that I’ll then buy an add on 3gb pack which costs $49 of your included Telstra credits which expires from the date it was purchased. So effectively, when you… Read more »

    Michael Reville

    Thanks for the details – sounds especially good for when I get a 4g phone sometime!