Looks like Google is moving towards making the Chrome Web Store more accessible to mobile users. Francois Beaufort, Chromium Evangelist at Google first noticed the change which means you can view Chrome Extensions and Packaged Apps on mobile browsers at least in a limited capacity and posted about it on Google+.

The change means you can now view Chrome Extensions and Packaged Apps in your mobile browser – Firefox and Chrome both work. Navigating to the front-end of the Chrome WebStore will still bring up the familiar ‘Not Supported’ page, but the individual Chrome Extensions and Apps now display a description, screenshot and of course an option to remind yourself to download the Extension/App when you get back to a desktop :

Try it out for yourself if you’re on a mobile – both Ausdroid and the Ausdroid Foundation both have a Chrome Extension in the store.

You still can’t add reviews, ratings etc. and we’re a long way from actually getting Chrome Extensions on the mobile version of Chrome, or being able to install Chrome Extensions to your desktop browser from mobile (Hmm, that’s a cool idea), but it’s progress.

Source: Francois Beaufort.
Via: Google System Blog.
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    They should merge the chrome store into the play store or even just use the same backend & design