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The LG G3 has seen a lot of traction from Android, and indeed phone fans the world over. LG hasn’t yet managed a simultaneous launch of their flagship phone, beginning in their home market Korea and rolling out to other markets, till it reaches our shores on August 4th. But that strategy has worked well for them at home, where reports are coming in that they’ve sold 100,000 units in just 5 days.

According to the Korea Times, LG has been selling between 25,000 and 30,000 G3’s a day, since it launched. This number is almost triple what the G2 sold, which was estimated to be around 10,000 units per day when it launched. The G3 has taken a mere 5 days of trade to reach the 100,000 unit milestone which bodes well for the phone to reach similar numbers in other markets when it launches.

I’ll be honest and say I fell in love with the G3 after an hour of using it, and hotly anticipate using the phone for an extended period for a full review. There’s also been extremely positive feedback from people anticipating the release of the G3 in the Australian market. We’ll soon see how it goes when it reaches Australia on August 4th.

Source: KoreaTimes.
Via: GForGames.
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25-30,000 a day…100,000 in 5 days… my maths must be bad ^_^


Reports from different sources.