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Coles Wallet App

Coles has launched a new mobile wallet payments app, available to Android and iOS users who currently have Coles branded credit cards.

The mobile wallet app, which is available to download free from Google Play (as well as the App store for iOS users), allows customers to pay for groceries using their mobile phone.

The app, which has been launched with Mastercard as a partner, uses a Coles Pay Tag sticker as opposed to NFC in the phone, mimicking the Commonwealth Bank Paytag system they launched last year. Using the Coles Pay Tag sticker, users can get from the Coles Financial Services Customer Centre, customers can link their Fly Buys account within the app to not only keep an eye on their credit card balance but also FlyBuys points accrued so far.

The full list of available functions within the app include:

  • Login securely with your Coles Credit Card Online Service Centre username and password
  • Manage your account 24/7 using your 4 digit Access Code
  • Check your current balance, available credit and account summary
  • Retrieve up to 12 months of transaction history and search loaded transactions
  • View your flybuys account points balance
  • Access and activate exclusive flybuys offers
  • Use Quick View to see your card and flybuys points balances
  • Request your Coles Pay Tag, and turn it on and off for added security

There is also an eligibility criteria that users will need to meet in order to get and use the app. The criteria is as follows:

  • The app is available for existing, primary Coles Credit Card cardholders.
  • Already registered for the Coles Credit Card Online Service Centre with a valid username and password?
  • Download the app and login.
  • Not registered for the Coles Credit Card Online Service Center, but have a Coles Credit Card?
  • Register at https://online.colesmastercard.com.au/access/registration and then download the app.
  • Want to apply for a Coles Credit Card so that you can use the Coles Credit Card App?
  • Apply at www.colescreditcards.com.au.

Coles have released a YouTube video explaining about the new mobile wallet app which you can view below:

You can head over to the Coles Credit Cards website to find out more, then head over to Google Play to download the app to your smartphone.

Coles Mobile Wallet
Coles Mobile Wallet
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    David Mcmillan

    What happens when your phone breaks or gets stolen. all this technology i think id rather do my shopping with cash

    Matthew Wolstenholme

    thats why u have a password

    vijay alapati

    using built in NFC is more secure as it will be only active when ur screen is ON unlike the STICKER which always gets scanned when tapped

    Matthew Wolstenholme

    use built in nfc or gtfo

    vijay alapati

    i would have applied for coles credit card if they were using device’s NFC. Come one guys….why r u not utilising the resources 🙁


    It’s a good start by them. However, I agree that they should have considered the flexibility of either requesting for their sticker tag, or use a phone’s built in NFC. I’m pretty sure the sticker will interfere with my Nexus4’s NFC, and there’s no way I’ll stick something over that beautiful back. :p