The successor to last years successful Moto G smartphone, which caused quite a stir at launch due to its low price, and excellent user experience, it was also named as Motorola’s most successful phone for Motorola since Google took over the company. It now seems Motorola is working on follow up to the Moto G, and thanks to the guys over at Mellando no Android, we’re getting the dirt on the specs as well as what the phone currently looks like.


The phone, which will allegedly be officially launched as the Moto G2, with the model number XT 1068 (the first Moto G featured the model number XT 1032). The photo, is most likely of a prototype, but stronly suggests that Motorola is taking design cues from the Moto E, which sees a speaker grille being incorporated into the front of the Moto G2.

Mellando no Android also have been able to provide specs for the Moto G2, which based on the original are pretty decent for a mid-range device. The specs include a Snapdragon 400 CPU, 720p display, 8 MP camera as well as being dual-SIM. The 8 MP camera is certainly an upgrade from the original Moto G’s 5 MP camera – something that attracted criticism at the time, but when building a device to a price-point, sacrifices are made.

Launched in November last year, the Moto G was a pretty successful device. Motorola seem to be sticking to a yearly product life-cycle on their phones so far, so we should expect the phone around that time again this year. We’ll surely see more about it as we get closer to launch.

What other specs would you like to see in the Moto G2?

Source: Mellando no Android.
Via: Android Central.
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16Gb onboard storage as an absolute minimum.

Ramiro Fernandez

After using the Moto G for a while now, the main thing I think it could use is 2GB of RAM. Everything else on this phone is fantastic, but it’s just too quick to swap apps out of RAM.
Making the bezels a bit smaller would also be welcome.