Samsung has made their name and gained a massive share of the Android phone market with an array of phones built with plastic. With the release last year of the metal bodied HTC One, the outcry for a metal Galaxy phone began to get louder and Samsung has apparently listened. SamMobiles is advising that Samsung is intending to launch the Galaxy Alpha on August 4th.

The Galaxy Alpha is rumoured to be constructed of Metal, but exactly how much is up for debate. Whether it be a metal rear, or a metal chasis isn’t known, but if the rumour is true then we’ll be finding out soon. With a metal body, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Galaxy Alpha would be a ‘premium’ device, but the rumoured specs seems to dispel this myth. Specs for the phone will apparently include a 4.8″ 720p screen with 32GB of internal storage but with no microSD card slot and in keeping with the push for security features, the fingerprint scanner introduced on the Galaxy S5 will make an appearance on the Alpha.

SamMobile is suggesting that the August launch is to allow for hype for the Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to launch at IFA in September, to build up again.

With no press announcement for the phone scheduled, the theory of a mid-range device that will be announced relatively quietly on the Samsung website seems likely. With August 4th less than a week away, we’ll soon find out.

Source: SamMobile.