Aussie importer of mobile phones Mobicity Australia is going through some changes in the coming weeks. The rebranding to Yatango Shopping shouldn’t come as a massive surprise to anyone that has half an eye on the MNVO market or checks on Mobicity at least semi-regularly with their relationship clearly strengthening over the last 6 months or more.

The process is currently in a transitional phase where Mobicity orders will be visible from the Yatango Shopping site. The site is so much more than just a mobile shop, there’s Sonos, GoPro, Nikon, Garmin and Nike (believe it or not!?) to name but a few of the big name brands that you can pick up on there.

It’s something you need to check out for yourself and perhaps put on your list of go to sites to pick up a bargain.

What’s your favourite site to pick up a shopping bargain?

Source: Mobicity Blog.
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    Darren Allen

    Hi, I would suggest you do not buy anything from Yatango. I wish I had read the reviews before I went ahead and purchased from them. Waiting well over 2 months for a phone….customer service has been prompt and courteous, however they only tell you what you want to hear. “Your phone will ship this week”. After 10 weeks I have cancelled my order. Good luck to anyone else who decides to use them.

    Daniel Tyson

    Hi Darren, I understand you’ve had a bad experience, but I have had excellent experiences with both Mobicity and Yatango, including 3 Nexus phones, a Chromebook Pixel and a Nokia X handset. Guess it depends on the handset.

    Darren Allen

    Hi Daniel, i agree it may be the type of handset….however, when I first ordered it it said “Ships in 5 to 7 days”…..
    I just checked now and the handset i am waiting for says “Available – ships in 1 – 2 days” . Yet I have been waiting 10 weeks? This is primarily my issue with the Company. Cheers.


    Neither Mobicity or Yatango Shopping are/were ever Australian companies. They have an Australian office, but you are dealing with a Hong Kong company. They are just one of a string of companies that attempt to look like they are Australian. Please correct your article.

    Key Company Facts….https://yatango.com.au/shopping/faq/….hidden in the about section.

    Company Name: Yatango HK Ltd trading as Yatango Shopping

    Country of Registration: Hong Kong

    Yatango Shopping’s Australian mailing address is: Suite 1.09, 433 Logan Road, Stones Corner QLD 4120


    They also sell “Guinot – Time Logic Age Serum”. What the?!?! I haven’t kept half an eye on mobicity. I don’t get the innuendo in the article above. Who and what are they now?


    Do not bother! Ordered an iPad and they want extra info to verify order! Who in their right mind will send personal info such as a utlity bill and drivers licence/passport! Tried to cancel order and very difficult, no response so far with cancelation or refund! take your money as soon as you place order.

    go elsewhere

    Do not bother with guys! Spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere. I have had the same issue – I ordered a phone that apparently was ‘in stock’ and ships within 5-7 days. What a joke! 2 weeks later I had to contact them to find out they were out of stock. Not only that, their website still listed the item as ‘in stock’. Do not trust this website. Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere.


    OK, I’ll just go with girls then! πŸ™‚

    Dont Bother

    Ordered a mobile (Galaxy Note 3) 9 days ago just before it changed to Yatango. New site is not nice to use.
    Phone should be sent within 2-5 days. Day 9 now. No answers via email just excuses. I have cancelled the order and now have to wait 1-2 days just to have them confirm that my refund will take place.

    They promise things they cant deliver.

    I will order elsewhere and never use these guys again.

    If no refund happens I will then claim through my credit card.

    Happy days!

    Sujay Vilash

    My experience with Mobicity is the same as everyone else. Order, pay but no delivery leading to cancellation. I have come to the conclusion it is better to buy from a local brick and motar shop and then pay someone like The Unlocking Company for a code to unlock the handset. Have done it this way for the past 4 handsets now and have had no problems.


    really dislike the new yatango site- tried to find something last night and the search was useless and it’s much harder to find stuff now manually. A bad move IMO


    Scott, I am just looking at the Yatango site right now.
    These imbeciles are flogging refurbed Froyo and GB devices!

    S5 Undelivered

    I had ordered from Mobicity, and am still in the frustrating stage of non delivery – I did request the order be cancelled (after 2.5 weeks), but then they magically found it had been despatched, after another three days, the shipping was “offloaded” and Mobicity/Yatango can’t explain what this means. My advice – avoid Yatango/Mobicity – great site, courteous on-line support – but no delivery!


    Have never actually had anything dispatched from Mobicity. Have ordered.. waited.. cancelled. There are far better alternatives.


    Unique mobiles, have never had an issue always on time etc. Once I had a delay with a micro SD card, they were on top of it, kept me up to date and got it to me as fast as possible.