Galaxy Alpha
With an expected launch sometime this month, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, has captured the imaginations of many Samsung fans, not because of its high-end specs – it’s decidedly a mid-range phone – but because it’s been described as one of the first Samsung Galaxy phones with a metal frame. Now, pictures of the phone have surfaced on Chinese social media site Weibo ahead of the announcement.

The phone appears to have taken more than a couple of design cues from the iPhone, but still retains Galaxy stylings such as the familiar oval home button sitting directly beneath the screen with capacative buttons (multi-tasking and back button) either side. It’s also got the Galaxy style mid-mount camera on the rear, with the flash to the left. Not a bad looking phone overall.

The Galaxy Alpha is, at this stage supposedly coming with some quite mid-range specs, despite the metal frame. An entry on Antutu last week, shows that the Galaxy Alpha will be coming with a Samsung produced Exynos 5433 octa-core processor with Mali-T628 GPU, the processor will be paired with 2GB of RAM and have 32GB of storage (non-expandable), with a 12MP Rear Camera and 2MP Front-Facing camera. The Galaxy Alpha will have a 4.8ยจ 720P display, and is expected to have the Fingerprint Sensor and heart rate monitor which were introduced on the Galaxy S5.

What Samsung has to say about the Galaxy Alpha will soon be apparent, with the phone due to be announced on the 13th of August according to rumour.

What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Alpha? iPhone clone or a new direction for Galaxy design.

Source: Weibo.
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This is an iPhone clone how?


Is it just me but why do they make it look like a 3yr old GS2…backwards design

James Z

anyone knoes wat the material for the back cover is