Evan Blass, under his psudonym of Evleaks on Twitter has been sharing leaks on upcoming smartphones (and other gadgets) since 2012, but on Sunday night, Evan announced his retirement from internet leaking, in a simple tweet :


Evan has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for some years, and he spoke about the disease, the drugs he uses to treat the illness and the effects it has on his day to day life when he spoke to us on the Ausdroid Podcast – episode 119 – last week. It’s due to his illness and his need to pay for treatment that he’s given up the leaking game, telling TheNextWeb that he is looking to prepare himself financially for the future.

It’s the financial side of things that we’re drawing attention to today, with an IndieGoGo campaign now underway to at least partially provide Evan with that support. The campaign has a goal of $100,000, and every little bit counts. Like any IndieGoGo campaign, there are rewards, with the $500 reward for a ‘Leaked Video’ already claimed. There is a $1500 reward for Team Box Seats to attend an Ice Hockey game to see the New Jersey Devils play – home or away game, your choice – still to be claimed, but otherwise, it’s open to simply making a donation.

Evan is a great bloke, going through some difficulties and we’d like to think that Aussies can show their support and send a couple of dollars Evan’s way. If you can spare a few dollars, head over to the IndieGoGo campaign page to donate. Oh, and if you really want, Evan will give you a Twitter follow if you donate :
That’s a pretty good deal – head over now.

Update: TK from TKTechNews has added a new reward. For $100 he’ll include a shoutout on FOX Sports. Specifically, the perk will get you ‘a Shout Out aka Plug during any appearance by TK on Fox Sports Radio or WFAN talking about hockey’.

Source: IndieGoGo.
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    He’s still a class A asshole. Seen his argument with Chris Sewell.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Why? What’d he say?

    Andrew Dodd

    It takes an especially low form of life to cause me to side WITH Chris in a troll-on-troll argument. Evan managed to pull that off.

    Honestly his behavior makes me question if he really has MS or if it’s just a scam/hoax.

    There’s also the fact that he’s been pretty consistently wrong over the past year. I still remember the obvious Nexus 10 successor hoaxes, and he followed that up with all of the “Nexus is gone” BS.


    Exactly what I what I wanted to write but was travelling so couldn’t reply.