Galaxy Alpha
Samsung recently announced their first metal framed Galaxy phone – the Galaxy Alpha – which was described as ‘the evolution of Galaxy Design’. Overnight, Samsung has spoken about the construction of the phone and how the chasis is milled using computerised numerical control (CNC) machines, from metal to form the frame, while leaving room for the battery and other components.


Once ‘Carved’, the frame on the Galaxy Alpha is anodised in the Galaxy Alpha colour scheme of blue, gold, black, silver or white. This anodised process allows the phone to retain the ‘natural shine’ of the metal frame. Then the frame is cut using a diamond edged cutter to create the shiny edge and ‘high-quality grip’, at the same time the display is fitted to retain a continuous finish with a seamless edge.


The phone is rigourously tested, including a ‘drop test’ to test out the resilience of the metal frame. Samsung say the Glaaxy Alpha outperformed all other Galaxy devices during this test. There’s also a ‘bending test’ and ‘twisting test’ to check out the durability from pressure and side to side twisting.

Samsung seem pretty proud of the Galaxy Alpha, it looks pretty good and we’re looking forward to seeing it here in Australia when it launches.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow.
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Ooh, anodised colouring. Cute, but it scratches off so easily!