It’s not long before the official Motorola announcements, but the leaks are coming quickly now. The Moto X+1 and Moto G2 have now appeared on the website of Media Markt, a German retailer. Media Markt helpfully listed the full specs of both devices, so here they are:

Moto X (2nd Generation)
What’s interesting here is the new Moto X is referred to as Moto X (2nd generation). We’ll have to wait and see what the official name is, but we’re hoping that Motorola thought better of the rumoured “X+1” moniker.

  • OS: Android ™ 4.4.4, Kitkat®
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm® ™ 801 processor with quad-core CPU, MSM 8974-AC, Adeno 330 GPU
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Display: 5.2-inch AMOLED – 1080p (423 ppi)
  • Rear camera: 13MP, with flash – 4x Digital Zoom, slow motion video, continuous shooting, auto HDR, panorama, tap to focus
  • Front camera: 2 MP
  • Video recording: 1080p HD video (30 fps)
  • Speakers: Front (bottom)
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 LE + EDR
  • Connections: Micro-USB, 3.5 mm headset jack
  • Wireless Interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / g / b / n / ac (dual band capable), mobile hotspot, Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 72.4 x 140.8 x 3.8-9.9 mm
  • Weight: 144 grams
  • Battery: 2300 mAh

Moto G (2nd Generation)
It now looks certain like the 2nd generation Moto G will keep the 720p HD screen and the 1GB of RAM that the original Moto G featured, but with a larger 5-inch screen – this will result in a lower pixel density, but it’s far from the largest 720p display we’ve seen on a mobile device.

  • OS: Android ™ 4.4.4, Kitkat®
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with Adreno 305 450 MHz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 8GB + microSD card
  • Display: 5-inch HD TFT – 720p
  • Rear camera: 8MP, with flash
  • Front camera: 2MP
  • Video recording: 720p 30fps
  • Speakers: 2 – 11x15x3,0
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0, BLE
  • Connections: MicroUSB 2.0 HS, 3.5 mm OMTP HS + CTIA
  • Dimensions (W / H / D): 70.7 mm /141.5 /10.99
  • Weight: 149g
  • Battery capacity: 2,070 mAh

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out if all these leaks are correct.

What do you think of both these phones’ specs? Tell us in the comments!

Source: androidpolice.
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disapointed. was hoping for at least 2 front facing speakers. by the leaked pics i was really hoping for


In terms of largest physical screen size, at the lowest ppi, for 720p mobile devices, I would think that the 720p 10.1in 3G data, or 3G phone and data capable tablets would take that prize.

Phill Edwards

I bought a Moto G recently and then realised my timing may have been bad with the new version coming out. But looking at this, there doesn’t seem to be a big difference so I’m no longer concerned. Main diffs seem to be in the camera and screen size (which is disappoingly bigger but the same resolution).


Quite good specs and a nice big screen without the ridiculously unnecessary QHD resolution to drain the battery.

Until we know the AU price we won’t know if it is a good deal or not.

geoff fieldew

These are not the specs I was looking for. Oh well, hopefully the next Nexus will have the SD 805, a stabilised camera and a smaller overall size. The jump from 4.7in Moto X to 5.2in Moto X+1 is too big of an increase for me.


The new Moto X has a 5.2″ screen but only a 2,300mah battery?

I had the Nexus 5 and that had a 2,300mah battery and only a 5″ screen and it had atrocious, absolutely horrible battery life.

Not looking forward to the battery life of the new Moto X.


So the MotoX MkII is basically a Nexus 5?

Hmm, now it’s going to have to be cheap to entice people to buy it, given the deals that are being done on the N5 currently, and the reality that the expected superior Nexus 6/X/Shamu, also from Motorola, is in the wings.

Realistically, they’d need to be less than A$350 – and I bet they aren’t (MotoX MkI was $549 at launch in March, and is now $340)

Justin Flynn

Exited about the moto x. Looks like with the spec upgrade it’ll be blisteringly fast. Just disappointed at how big the screen is and I’ll have to wait for reviews on how the battery life is

Edwin Crump

The new Moto G is decently larger than the old one…One of the best features of the original was that it is below the 5″ standard we see here.