Note 4 Competition
The Galaxy Note 4 is coming to Australia this month, with Samsung Australia inviting media to an event on the 23rd of September at 7pm in Sydney. When the phone will actually be available for purchase should be announced at the event, and Samsung wants YOU to be there to check it out – as well as give you a Galaxy Note 4.

The launch event for Samsung phones are usually a fun-filled night, which is a little over the top and shows off the features of the phone on offer. Normally the media gets to experience all this goodness, but Samsung Australia is offering a chance to attend the event by telling them on their Facebook page, in 25 words or less in the comments section below, why you want to attend?

The prize is a Galaxy Note 4 and two tickets for the event. It’s in Sydney and you’re in charge of your own transport and accomodation, so probably only worth entering if you can get to Sydney for the night. There’s a heap of terms and conditions for you to read through before you enter, but why not take a shot and see if you can join us there for the launch!

Source: Samsung Australia.
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mobile pundits

The resources posted by you in the blog are very useful for me! I was looking for this exact and particular information for a long time. Can you tell me the exact features of Note 4? Thanks


Hi Can anyone give an account of how the world decided that Note4 only had up o 64GB of storage available at launch. Can anyone give an account of how it in the following week suddenly doubled to…. up to 128GB ???? Who and how did they get it sooo wrong…


There. I created a Facebook account just to enter this.
Samsung, if you pick me, I will send my beautiful daughter and her handsome boyfriend along in my place who are far more Publicity Photo friendly than myself.

So pick me, okay?