New Moto G
The launch of the new Moto G was hotly anticipated and it’s finally been released, with stores in Australia beginning to see stock showing up on docks and onto shelves. So far we’ve seen the GoodGuys begin selling the phone, but our sources tell us that Officeworks are now receiving stock and beginning sales.

The phone is selling for $299 at Officeworks stores, but there’s no sign of it on the website as yet – but that’s surely only a matter of time. It’s a slightly higher price than we saw from TheGoodGuys online store during the eBay sale, but with more stores selling the phone competition on price is sure to begin.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on a new Moto G you can now head into an Officeworks store to grab a handset if you’re in the area.

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Stephen Murray

These are only now in stock at my local Officeworks. Took a while haha

Palo Verde

The new Moto G is has been selling at Big W stores for $278 since 10 days ago I saw one on display at the Eastgardens Westfields Big W last week


However I’m still waiting for an Aus release of the new X. Any word on dates for Austrian Motomaker? Or should I find a friend to ship to in the US?

Jamie Saltmarsh

I’d buy that for a dollar