nexus-one-gingerbreadHTC have been out of the Nexus game for a while, last offering us the Nexus One a few years ago, as shown above. However, we’ve had rumours for a while now suggesting HTC is about to re-enter the Nexus race with the rights to produce the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet.

The Wall Street Journal has today confirmed that HTC is definitely working on the next tablet, and it’s coming. Soon. WSJ is reporting that HTC’s engineers have been flying back and forth between California and Taiwan to collaborate on the development of the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet.

WSJ really hasn’t provided much more than this in their report; instead referring only to the theory behind the Nexus program which allows various manufacturers to put together what they (and Google) think should be the reference platform. HTC was in the wilderness for a while, with the Nexus One their really last good product for a couple of years while they experimented with Desires, Desire HDs, One X and One XLs which weren’t all that well received. However, with last year’s HTC One, and this year’s revitalised One M8, HTC are back in vogue, and perhaps while they’re not as big as Samsung (and probably don’t aspire to be), I would argue they make at least an equal, if not better, product.

So, if HTC are in fact making the Nexus 9, then I’m very interested. I’ve enjoyed the previous ASUS Nexus 7 tablets, but I’m ready for some innovation in the space, having not been particularly sold on Android tablets for quite some time. Let’s see if HTC can turn the tide here.


Source: WSJ.
Via: Verge.
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“having not been particularly sold on Android tablets for quite some time”

A lot of android phone users prefer iPads when it comes to tablets, but aren’t ‘sold’ when it comes to the price and end up buying an android tablet.

The nexus 9 will be a good choice except for those that prefer 10 inch or more.


I don’t know if I’m sold on the need for any type of tablet really.. I think I’m weird.

Iain Simmons

It’s not just you. I’ve always gone for phones on the larger end of the spectrum (Desire HD, Note 2, Xperia Z2) and then have a Kindle Paperwhite for reading, so I just don’t feel the need for a tablet of any size.

I feel that if I’m going to carry around or use something with a bigger screen, then it should have more functionality, e.g. A laptop

Tablets generally have less functionality than phones…


I’m kind of the reverse, I use the tablet more than the phone. It’s more appropriate in kind of Star Trek Padd scenario than trying to interact with a titchy phone screen. My theory is people go for different scales of device, tailored to their usage. If they are out and about then a phone that can fit in the back pocket is needed, and the next step up tends to be laptop or maxi ipad. However it the mobile use case is minor then a 7″ tab makes sense (primarily on a weight and cost basis). That gets coupled… Read more ยป


I actually find tablets more useful than I originally thought I would. In my lounge I have my tablet (currently a Nexus 7, soon to be a Nexus 9) and it’s easy to just lay on your couch and surf the web/watch stuff on the tablet. Definitely can’t do that with my laptop and you can do that on your phone, but the bigger screen on the tablet is nicer. I pretty much don’t use my phone at all unless I’m outside of the house. Inside, I prefer to use the tablet. And I’m really looking forward to this HTC… Read more ยป


Chris, you’re not weird.
If you can’t see a use for a device in your own lifestyle, in spite of its popularity, then, such a device might not be really for you.

And the other thing with tablets is carrying them. They’re too big for a belt clip, so some sort of carry bag is always needed.

Phil Tann

You either have an immediate need that can be filled by a tablet, can create a need/workflow for one in your day to day life or don’t need a tablet.

I have immediate need (just how I operate), I have created further use for a tablet including as a remote for my HTPC setup and would never be without one now.

Maybe you are weird mate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Damien Xenos

You are not weird. I to do not see the use for a tablet outside of video consumption. For other tasks requiring a screen that size a laptop is more practical.

Just bought my wife a cheap Chinese Android tablet. Great value for the money. I how she uses it regularly. I am not convinced she will


Gagging for a Sony Nexus device here (phone or tablet, I don’t care)!


Hmm. I only bought my 7 (2013) at the beginning of the year. I guess that means I’ll get a decent resale for it on ebay when I buy my new Nexus 9 ๐Ÿ™‚


I’d have liked to have seen a manufacturer which hasn’t had the chance to do a Nexus product, be given that opportunity.

Ian Tester



That’s one mob I was thinking of, Ian.
The others are Lenovo and Huawei.

Jamie Saltmarsh



LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bauhn aren’t a manufacturer. They just import cheap yum-cha electronics, and badge it with their name.

Jamie Saltmarsh

It was a joke Jeni.



Phil Tann

I’m in!




Glad to see someone else get a chance with a nexus tablet. Not sure I’ll get one myself since last year’s nexus 7 is doing me well as it is, but I could be pursued if it’s boasting some cool new tech.