In mid August the Nexus 5 black version showed as out of stock on the Google Play Store, showing a dwindling of Google’s supply of their Android reference device for phones. A couple of weeks later it returned to the Play Store and all was well. We are all waiting for it to either be discounted or disappear entirley to signal the imminent release of the sixth Nexus device.

Today Canadian carrier Wind let slip in a tweet that the Nexus 5 is no longer in production. Not long later they deleted the tweet but the Internet being the Internet, once you put it out there, it is always out there in some form or other.


It is unknown whether the tweet was deleted for inaccuracy or letting slip something they shouldn’t have but my money is on the slip of the tongue. Why delete it otherwise? If it was inaccurate they may have deleted it but would have also corrected it in a follow-up tweet. No such tweet was forthcoming which leads me to my conclusion that the Nexus 5 IS no longer in production, about to be overtaken by the sixth Nexus phone.

We all know by now that Nexus phones are usually announced around the end of October and released to the eager public a couple of weeks later so it is a bit of a surprise that they have stopped Nexus 5 production already. Maybe Google will be forced to bring forward the announcement and release of the next iteration of the Nexus line. We can only hope so.
(Editors Note: It’s also worth noting that Telstra no longer has the Nexus 5 on their site any more.)

Are you waiting for a Nexus phone? Do you think that the Nexus 5 is truly out of production?

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What’s the bet us kiwis will get screwed again and not get access to the Play Store and we have to rely on carriers like 2Degrees to screw us again..


Damn that sucks.

Here in Australia I placed multiple orders of the phone, then flipped them on Ebay.

Thank you Google and your horrible ordering/stock levels. Makes me happy when I see a device go out of stock for weeks.


Bring on the Nexus 6/X… You have served me well, Nexus 4, but it’s time to move on!


Nexus 4 was awesome, but when the 5 came out, I managed to convince my fiance she needed to inherit my 4 so I could upgrade!


My 4 became my work phone, 5 my personal phone and galaxy s2 mums phone. That progression will happen again with the 4 going to mum. Lucky woman she is spoilt.


Long live nexus 5, the best Android yet


Do we know this is called the Nexus 6?


We are all assuming not due to nexus 6 trademarks from blade runner. I just called it nexus 6 as we know not what it will be called. Maybe the nexus X?


it might be a little early, but it’s possible that Canada and Australia are just smaller markets and don’t have any stock left while America will continue until the end.

Google moving the date forward is very unlikely though. Moving a shipping date for something as big as Android just wouldn’t happen.


Announcement early maybe? with possibly limited numbers available now? Mind you that will create a situation as per the Nexus 4 where it was sold out in a couple of minutes and out of stock for weeks

Adrian Mace

And I got one 😉 Drove 2 hours to Fedex on the Saturday morning to collect it early too! Those were the days!