The Nexus bandwagon is well and truly underway, the specs are just about ‘confirmed’, we’ve apparently seen the device in the wild, now all that’s left is a release date, pricing and reviewing it. The Wall Street Journal has apparently got some inside information on the launch which they say will happen this month.

There’s actually not much to the report, except really to say that the phone will launch this month. It’s not really new information as we’ve been hearing rumblings of this for some time. The current rumour is that the phone will be announced this month (October 16th to be exact), alongside Android L, Nexus 9 and Android TV with availability through Google Play in November.

There’s always the worry that Google will repeat their Nexus 7 (2013) launch and make it US only initially, but we certainly hope not. Next Friday morning could get very interesting Nexus/Android wise.

When do you think the Nexus 6 will be released?

Source: Wall Street Journal.
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If it’s truly 5.9 then they have completely shot themselves in the foot. I know plenty of people including myself who wont go for it. Here’s hoping its no more than 5.5.


Let’s hope distribution is better than Motorola’s attempts at global launches.

Luke Sleeman

A few years ago, when the nexus 4 availability was spotty somebody wrote an app that would check the play store and notify you when it was available.

Is there anything like this for the nexus 6 and 9?

vijay alapati

i wish they would reduce nexus 5 price like they did for nexus 4 before releasing nexus 5


Has anyone else noticed the Google advertising all over the Sydney CBD? Looks like Google is planning on doing a real big launch this time around.


I’m keen. Just cracked the glass on my Nexus 5 recently so I’m ready for a new phone. Good timing. The larger screen will make a nice change.


5.9 is just too big, the note 4 has a smaller screen and it is too big. I hope they have another trick up their sleeve because I won’t be buying this and I was planning on doing so.


Agree. It’s simply too big for everyday use. Not to mention how uncomfortable it will be when trying to put it into your pocket and attempt to sit down. Hope Google has a smaller Nexus up their sleeve.


Actually the more I think about it the more I believe Google will release a Nexus X, 6 and 9. The X will most likely be close to the Moto X? and 6 will be the larger version?