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Motorola has apparently decided not to launch their Moto-Maker handset customisation service in Australia for the second time. Instead we’ll get versions with a Black Resin or Bamboo Wood Grain rear cover. Happily, there’s an option out there for those who want to get a Moto X (2014) with a fully customised experience and a range of options for the back which won’t make it to Australia.

Motorola has announced the Moto X ‘Pure Edition’ (XT1095), which will be sold as a T-Mobile handset in the US, but will effectively be able to operate on a variety of networks. The handset is sold outright from $499.99 (more if you want leather back etc), with a T-Mobile SIM, but that will essentially be fairly useless to you, but can you use it in Australia?

Well, yes – with a but!! Thanks to broad leaps in 3G Broadband radio technology, the phone will work on all 3G bands in Australia, so it will work as a 3G phone because the Moto X ‘Pure Edition’ (XT1095) supports 850,900,1700,1900 and 2100MHz 3G bands. The LTE however is where the ‘but’ comes in. The LTE bands listed for the Moto X ‘Pure Edition’ available in the US include :

  • Band 02 – 1900MHz
  • Band 04 – 1700MHz
  • Band 17 – 700MHz (b/c)

So, with that, we’re kinda not happy in Australia, it will work as a 3G phone, but not on our LTE networks. But wait, Forum Manager ‘Matt’ from the Motorola forums has announced ‘We’re now planning to enable Bands 3, 5 and 7 on the Moto X Pure, via a software update’, although he followed this up with ‘I can’t confirm the timing right now, but I’ll share more about that when I know more’. So, when (that’s a very uncertain ‘When’) this update arrives, there will be more compatibility, including :

  • Band 03 – 1800MHz
  • Band 05 – 850MHz
  • Band 07 – 2600MHz

The current LTE bands available in Australia include :

  • Band 03 – 1800MHz (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone)
  • Band 05 – 850MHz (Vodafone)
  • Band 07 – 2600MHz (Optus 4G Plus network)
  • Band 28 – 700MHz (Optus and Telstra – limited trials and launching Jan 2015)
  • Band 40 – 2300 (Optus)

So as you can see, there’s some pretty good support depending on which carrier and which network you need.

Of course Motorola won’t ship a phone directly to you, so you’ll need to arrange to have it shipped to a shipping forwarder such as ComGateway or Shipito. There’s also the issue which many Australians encountered when attempting to purchase the Moto 360 directly from Motorola in that Australian credit cards weren’t accepted (although American Express seemed to work).

So, there’s some barriers, including the fact that the software has yet to happen (and may never, remember this is a forum member saying this), but it’s a possibility. There’s also warranty etc to think about – you may have to return your phone to Motorola US for any warranty work required.

Now, if your heart is set on a Moto X with Cognac coloured Leather back, White Front, Metallic Bronze trim or any such combination then the Moto X Pure Edition is actually a good choice. Head over to the Motorola US Site and see get making.

As pointed out below by Fiddle Castro, when it arrives sometime at the end of this month or beginning of next, the Australian Moto X will support Bands: 1,3,7 & 8 which gives you:

  • Band 01 – 2100MHz
  • Band 03 – 1800MHz
  • Band 07 – 2600MHz
  • Band 08 – 900MHz

Who knows if additional bands will be opened by software update in the future.

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Did anyone get the forward shipping working? So far told won’t ship to shipito or shopmate ๐Ÿ™


You are right. My order got blocked because of the same reason. Used Borderlinx. Resorted to my backup plan. sending it to my friend who will then post it to my freight forwarder. Hope that works.


Couldn’t wait any longer for the Moto X in Australia so went ahead and bought one from the US moto maker store this afternoon. Used the Cyber Monday deal with US$140 off to get a black leather 32GB version. So far the order seems to have gone through ok. Fingers crossed. Used Borderlinx as a shipping forwarder. I have heard they have issues with Aussie credit cards and the use of shipping forwarders so lets wait and see.


Had no problem with my Australian card. Got blocked on the forward shipping as FedEx won’t deliver to a forward shipper apparently ๐Ÿ™ well not the two I tried.


How did you use your Australian card? How did you get around the post code in the billing address? What two shipping forwarders did you try?


Did it work out?


The shipping forwarder didn’t work out as others have mentioned. I had to send it to a friend of mine in the US. He is sending it across to the shipping forwarder. I paid for it but had the shipping address as my friend’s place. Incidentally I had issues trying to put in a AU billing address so I left the billing address as same as the shipping address. The estimated date I got from Motorola was for 12 December but it actually reached my friend on 9 December.

Simon Chew

Motorola have updated their U.S. website with additional LTE bands for the Pure Edition. Bands 3 & 5 are now included, but not 7.


Will there be the 32GB version? Because 16GB is sooo small


I don’t know, call me stupid but from what I can figure out both the T-Mobile and AT&T variants are unlocked and it seems to me that the AT&T version already supports most LTE bands in Australia. The other huge elephant in the room is that there is always the option of buying the phone outright in either the UK or Germany with moto maker as most european phones work in Australia with LTE support without a hitch (I’ve got no issues with my 2013 moto x when at home on telsta and t-mobile in germany and TIM in Italy).… Read more ยป


So you are suggesting to people to grey import phones which may get the lte bands patched in down the line….


They’ve shown how. They’ve made it clear to what all the tricks and awkwardnesses are.

It’s useful info.

Harrison Pace

I only want the Bamboo version anyway but I am assured it will work out cheaper than buying in Aus with education discount, so I planed to get one but credit card was declined as stated. Thinking might get Auspost international prepaid card and try… Any advise on how I should pay without credit card fees or using dodgy virtual prepaid card?




Can you tell us if Auspost works with the payment? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Harrison Pace

I will only go down this route if I know it will work, because otherwise I will transfer money and lose it from fees for no reason.


is it certain that they won’t provide customisation service? when will they officially hit aussie market? I can decide between moto x and nexus x now. i am thinking the first one that sale in oz…..

Daniel Tyson

Yes – they said the only Moto X arriving here is the Black Resin and Bamboo versions.

Fiddle Castro

Hi @DanielTyson:disqus

Call me dumb, but what does the b/c stand for in:

Band 17 โ€“ 700MHz (b/c)

Daniel Tyson

Not a dumb question at all. 700MHz actually comes in various different sets there’s a 700MHz (a), 700MHz (b/c) and 700MHz (d/e). This is why you have to make sure which band is active in your area. We went to pains to ensure that Telstra and Optus advised us which band they are using which is Band 28, so as long as you have that, it’ll work on the upcoming 700MHz network


Weird, I asked via email a few weeks back and was told only Black and White were coming to Aus. No wood or leather.

Fiddle Castro

Whereas the Aussie version will support LTE Bands 1, 3, 7, 8.


I understood ‘no Motomaker for you!’ last time because it was a US-specific thing coming from their Texas facility but with them all coming from Asia, I don’t know why they don’t make it international. I’d happily pay for a customised X outright.

Will Dutton

so true, it makes no sense now

Max Luong

Great work with figuring out the bands.

The chipset supports those extra bands, so let’s hope that software update is real.