OnePlus - JBL
OnePlus is slowly building out their range of accessories, recently launching a new set of earphones, but that may not be the end of it. The company who also recently abandoned plans to release a range of interchangeable battery covers due to concerns over the quality and the changing mechanism, is counting down on their Chinese website to a launch tomorrow where they’ll apparently launch something in partnership with speaker experts JBL.

Given the involvement of JBL, as well as the animated speaker cone on the website is that some sort of speaker will be announced. The natural assumption is that a standalone Bluetooth speaker, but there’s no guaranteeing it. OnePlus has already partnered with JBL for the speakers on their current flagship phone, the One, so an extension to a speaker would be a good fit.

The other option is that OnePlus are ready to announce a new phone with a full JBL Speaker experience. We’ve certainly heard that OnePlus is going to have the OnePlus Two out next year in Q2/Q3 so now is the time to start their PR campaign again.

Exactly what will be announced we’ll find out around 6pm AEST, hopefully the site will live stream the announcement but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: OnePlus China.
Via: FoneArena.
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Hopefully they’ll do away with that awful invite system with the release of the OnePlus Two


In hindsight, i’m gald of their invite system. If they didn’t have it I may well have one of their phones and with the issues they’re having – I’m glad i don’t.