Google Play Music, though accessible anywhere through the browser, or on mobile devices, the service is somewhat quite difficult to use on desktops and laptops. There’s various Chrome Extensions or apps available, but by and large they either point to the Google Play Music website or are a basic control function. All this may be about to change though, with a comment in the Chromium Issue Tracker pointing to a standalone Google Play Music app coming, and it may not just be for Chrome.

The comment is on thread 421687 in the Chromium Issue Tracker, which is titled ‘UX for Chrome App installer executable from non-Chrome browser’. The comment which points to a Google Play Music app simply says :

We want to have this flow polished and launched for when Play Music releases their full Chrome App, since they want to market this to users of other browsers.

So it’s basically saying it’s coming. The fact that the comment was made in a thread about installing Chrome Apps from non-Chrome Browsers points to the app being made available to other browsers. How that would work is not clear, although perhaps part of the Chrome browser would be packaged up in the extension as some sort of executable – who knows?

Both the Google Play Music app and Chrome App executables from non-Chrome browsers are exciting concepts. We look forward to checking them both out.

Source: Chromium Issue Tracker.
Via: OMGChrome.
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    Would be amazing if this happened. Also the ability to download offline in All Acces for computers!

    Andrew Palozzo

    i wish they had an open API so i could directly plug this into plex and other applications…