After nearly 5 full months of selling their phone using a much derided invite-only system, OnePlus accepted pre-orders for their phone last night – for an hour.

Beginning at 2am AEDT, customers who have been champing at the bit to get their hands on the phone, were able to – in theory – pre-order the phone. But as with any launch there were problems. Starting with Paypal, the payment provider that OnePlus used to accept payments for the pre-orders, which apparently had issues with the PayPal risk buyer protection. But it didn’t end there, some customers had issues with responsiveness of the site and it turns out that quite a few people missed out.

But it seems OnePlus want to learn from the experience and will provide a report on the pre-order sale, as well as promising another pre-order window would be opened soon.

Now, as we’ve seen in the past, to get a hold of a OnePlus One, you had to have it shipped via a shipping forwarder in the US, or one of the 16 countries the OnePlus One is sold in. But the phone has been popular despite this hurdle, so, we want to know: Did you order a OnePlus One? Fill in the poll, and let us know about your experience in the comments.

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I was sick of the wait and their ridiculous marketing. They’re gone. I am awaiting the arrival of a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 😉 (all I had to do was provide the money, pretty good marketing huh?)

TheBagging Man

Too many hardware issues, and poor after sales service… Not worth the risk


i’ve really been considering the one plus, but it’s a joke trying to get one.
It’s a pretty simple & crucial process “one plus” seem to be stuffing around with – I have money & want to buy phone ? I’m buying a nexus.

Darren Ferguson

After seeing so many issues with the supply and actual hardware, I won’t be seriously considering a OnePlus phone for many years.


My guess is they wont be around that long.