After the hour long pre-order frenzy that hit the OnePlus in the early hours of Tuesday morning was over, there were more than a few dissatisfied customers who missed out. While the results of our poll show that interest in ordering the OnePlus One has waned a little of late. But, there’s still interest and OnePlus is cognizant of that, today on their blog they’ve spoken about the ordering mishaps and also announced a new pre-order window which will hit mid-next month.

In the lead up to the pre-order window opening, OnePlus doubled their server capacity to hopefully ensure that it could handle the expected load – it obviously didn’t. Customers attempting to pre-order the phone were met with issues that seemed related to poor server response and OnePlus said

Despite a dedicated hardware platform set up for the event, our servers still had difficulty with the surge of traffic received when the pre-orders opened.

This will be addressed next time – that’s right, next time. OnePlus is going to open up pre-orders for the OnePlus again next month. OnePlus intend to use the intervening window to upgrade facilities to ensure that they have capacity to handle the influx of customers.

The new pre-order window will open on Monday, November 17th at 15:00 GMT – Tuesday, 18 November 2014 at 2:00:00 AM AEDT – for another hour. At which time, we hope their servers will be able to handle the load.

OnePlus have also added an FAQ to the bottom of their post with common questions and answers aimed at people who did manage to place an order. If you missed out the other night, but are still interested in placing an order for a OnePlus One and don’t have an invite, next month you’ll get another shot.

Source: OnePlus.
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I had a couple of invites, i put them in the bin.


I don’t think OnePlus know what a pre-order is.


This phone is so tedious!

Phill Edwards

Totally agree. These clowns just stumble from one saga to the next. I’m sick of hearing about them.