Agora 4K 65-inch Android TV
Australian electrical importer and manufacturer Kogan has today announced a brand new TV in their Android powered Agora line.

Kogan as usual has packed in feature after feature into the TV, including 3D support and a PVR for a price tag that you’d normally expect for a base range TV from a brand name manufacturer. It’s the price point that Kogan are pushing with their TV, and at $1599, you’re not going to do much better on a 4K TV. Kogan has shown off a comparison table of their TV against other TVs in the market place :

Agora price comparison

Technical specs are also pretty good with a fairly decent range of hardware included. The TV supports both ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, has 3x USB ports, and 4x HDMI inputs. The panel itself is 65″, with support for resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz – though you’ll have to drop down to 60Hz resolutions at 1080P or less to use the Active 3D.

As with other Kogan Agora products, the 64″ Agora 4K TV runs Android – Android 4.2.2 to be exact, with some customisations to allow you to run TV from Android.

Agora SMart TV - YouTube

There is a caveat though, the TV is only available for delivery in Melbourne & Sydney metro areas (Boo!). But if you live in Melbourne or Sydney and are interested in quite a well priced 65″ 4K resolution TV, then this could be for you. Head on over to the Kogan website to check it out.

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    another cheap brand Millennius has the 65″ for $1449 , evn cheaper then them


    I hate that price comparison chart… the scale starts at $1000.. might as well start at $1599


    Very pertinent questions about this Kogan are:
    1. How much on board storage?
    2. Does it support SD or microSD cards, and if so what capacity?
    3. Does it support USB OTG?
    4. Does it support Bluetooth, and if so what version and protocols?

    Benjamin Dobell

    TVs are manufactured by Konka and rebranded as Kogan. Assuming this is the same as the 55″ model:

    1. 4GB
    2. MicroSD.
    3. Not that I’m aware of.
    4. Yes – Have seen no mention of BLE, so I suspect simply Bluetooth 3.0.


    Thanks for the extra info Benjamin

    4GB on a yum cha no name cheapie, sadly only to be expected.
    At least with it running JB, it does have usable external storage support, which due to the tiny amount of on board storage, will be needed. If the television can be rooted, then the tiny amount of on board storage will be less of an issue via the use of Link2SD.


    1080p at 60Hz in 2014?? Am I missing something here?? My 2009 Samsung 2D LED claims to have 200hz.for 1080p Not sure how much that matters though.

    Benjamen Meiers

    Is that 1080p 3D? No? Well then why are you comparing the two?

    Matthew Wolstenholme

    200hz doesn’t really help, no content is available above 60fps (except for PC)

    The real killer is 4k 30hz not 60Hz