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Kogan Nexus 6
Getting a Nexus 6 this year has proved almost as frustrating as purchasing a Nexus 4. Local retail or online availability for the Nexus 6 hasn’t been announced yet, with Google simply telling us the phone will go up for pre-order in November. Yatango for their part have accepted pre-orders but are unable to tell us when it will ship. But, a shining beacon in online retailer Kogan has appeared, offering the Nexus 6 for pre-order and offering a shipping date as well.

The Nexus 6 is now up for pre-order on the Kogan Site in both Midnight Blue and Cloud White, in 32GB and 64GB storage options. Pricing wise, Kogan is offering the Nexus 6 at $10 under the Google Play Store price asking $859 for the 32GB in Blue/White or $919 for the 64GB in Blue/White. There’s also an additional delivery fee on top which varies based on your location ($35 to get it to Alice Springs).

The phone is on pre-order at this stage, with deliveries expected to leave the warehouse on November 28th.
KOgan Nexus 6 Delivery

While the shipping date from Kogan is specific to them, it could indicate a wider launch date for the Nexus 6 in our region. The Nexus 6 is due to start shipping in the US on November 21st, so November 28th would tie-in nicely. Google won’t comment beyond pre-orders will go live in November, so we’ll have to keep exercising the F5 Key until then, or head on over to Kogan and place your pre-order with them.

Based on the LTE Bands listed, this is the international version of the Nexus 6, not the US version (there are only 2 versions).

LTE Bands:

Source: Kogan 32GB WhiteKogan 32GB BlueKogan 64GB WhiteKogan 64GB Blue.
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Just received email fron Kogan, shipping date is now January 12, bugger!


Ofcourse it’s changed, Kogan always does this. They have no idea about when they are receiving the phone in their Hong Kong warehouse. January 12th is just another guess.

David Anderton

I predict a massive flop


Yantango is still the cheapest place for the 64GB varient at $30 under googles price. Everyone thought those prices were ridiculous then Google announced the RRP.


Is Kogan selling the international variant compatible with all the LTE bands in Australia?


Yes, its on kogans website.


I heard the nexus 6 is not made in china but somewhere in Europe? is that why it cost so much?


I heard that the reason that it is so expensive is because the US carriers said they were going to sell it. They want to keep their $199 down and the rest over 24 months and didn’t want Google selling it as a cheap phone as the previous one were and upsetting their pricing model…


For only a $10 saving I wouldn’t buy this from Kogan. Kogan won’t ship it with a native Australian power adapter, instead it will come with an adapter and all hardware warranty will be via Kogan vs Google. Google hot swaps units while Kogan makes you send it back in and wait weeks for repairs. Not worth it.


Up to their usual tricks again.


Thanks for clarifying that.

You’re right – for just $10, it isn’t worth it. When I was reading the box contents it said generic charger and generic adapter. Not really keen on that plus the pain in the ass warranty process if you ever need it.