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Note Edge
The Galaxy Note Edge is an interesting product announced by Samsung at IFA in September. It was announced as coming to Australia soon after launch, but it’s since been delayed, twice and is now expected to hit retailers, as well as carriers on November 25th. Vodafone and Optus are both accepting pre-orders for the phone, and Telstra is expected to announce their pre-orders any day now. But if you’re looking to purchase it outright, then Harvey Norman and Dick Smith Electronics are now accepting pre-orders.

The phone is expensive, let’s just get that out of the way at the start, with Samsung announcing the retail price of $1249 back at the Australian launch party. Like any smartphone, once it hits retail it should drop once it enters the marketplace, but for now if you want it on day one, you should expect to pay around that price.

Harvey Norman are offering the Galaxy Note Edge for $1248 in a choice of Black or White with options for delivery or in-store pickup once it hits the shelves.

Dick Smith are also offering the Black and White Note Edge have gone with the exact RRP of $1249 with delivery a little extra on top.

Samsung themselves haven’t started pre-orders for the Note Edge on their website yet, but it is listed and they should start any day now. We’re currently looking at the Note 4 and we can’t wait to check out the Note Edge as well.

Have you been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

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Shea Quinn

You definitely have to order online if you want the Note Edge from DickSmith. If its anything like the Note4 launch, little to no stores had any in stock. I was flooded with people asking about both phones however there was only one store in my region that had them and that was a few days after launch.