The Nexus 9 has really only just started arriving in customers hands, but in the few weeks since they started shipping, the tablet has received some criticism from owners over the hard to press buttons. But it looks like HTC has addressed these confirms and newly shipped devices are beginning to roll out with the improvements.

A user on reddit has shown off a picture of his Nexus 9 manufactured prior to the launch, on top of the Nexus 9 he recevied that was was manufactured and shipped from HTC in Taiwan just over a week ago. As you can see, the buttons which appear barely usable in their current form appear to be quite easy to feel, as well as press.
HTC Nexus 9 - Buttons Old and New

There’s apparently an improvement (though only slight) in the backlight bleed issue, but that’s most likely a hit and miss affair as the tablets tend to vary when it comes to that issue. Sebianoti also says that there’s no flexing on the rear of the tablet, though his previous one didn’t show signs of this issue either.

It’s fairly common to see manufacturers address faults and improve processes in the manufacturing process as they progress. If you feel your device is sub-par, probably best to give Google’s tech support line a call and discuss it.

Are the buttons on your Nexus 9 flush with the chasis?

Source: reddit.
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I think the buttons are ok on mine, they stick out just a tiny amount which makes accidental pressed hard, but they are easy to find in the dark by feel. Although I use the double tap to wake most of the time.

I haven’t noticed a problem with backlight bleed on mine, although that would be a real pain.


My power button is flush so I can hardly find it by feel. BUT I still forget about double tap which really is the easier method!

Joshua Hill

I could live with the buttons. The backlight bleed at the edge of the screen is the main thing stopping me from purchasing a Nexus 9. I’m quite disappointed with the reported lack of build quality emplowed by HTC in the N9.

vijay alapati

Why do people use power button when they have tap to wake…. Also u can use gestures for volume, i personally feel tablets are great to use with gestures


Probably because tap to wake is a bit temperamental.