Update Thurs 8:30am: Stock is already exhausted, with the Play Store advising users to check back soon. Well done all you Nexus buyers that got in early!

Update 6:30am: As you can see above, the Nexus 6 is now available for purchase online via the Play Store.

At this stage only the 32GB Midnight Blue version is available for $869, although the 32GB model in Cloud White should also be up soon. If you’re after a 64GB model in Cloud White or Midnight Blue, they too should be up soon for $929. Google Play is advising that the phone will begin shipping in 3-4 weeks. Shipping is extra, with two options available:

  • Standard (3-5 business days) – $15
  • International Priority (1-3 business days) – $23

While the Nexus 6 is on-sale, again Google has yet to provide cases, with the Stand Folio Case for Nexus 6 and Naked Tough Case for Nexus 6 still not available for order, though this may change later today.

For now, head on over to Google Play and get your order in quickly, judging by the rush in the US, stocks may not last.


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Sean Zemunik

USE A STOCK CHECKER APP!!!!!!! the alarm will go off the second they hit. Thursday morning 2am they hit. Got one last night with ease. The good news is. If you get one next week it ships at the same time as all the ones already sold. Last week they were told 3 to 4 weeks. I got one this week and it said 2 to 3 weeks. Good luck

Butter Butter

Whay a terrible product launch…. I actually don’t care too much at the moment. I feel like a sucker waiting with the page refreshing for this thing. I’d love to walk into jb hifi and just buy it. I feel like this is nearly as bad as OnePlus in getting this out. #$&%=+*$#!!!!!

Butter Butter

Lolz! Just saw it go up 32gb blue version. I was just checking the page. I thought heh that’s funny. I want the 64 go version. Now it’s gone like in all of 2 seconds. Does anyone know if the 64gb versions have gone up at all?


Nah, only 32GB Blue were available.

Jamie Saltmarsh

And the Motorola supply saga continues. I think it may be fair to say, that this is worse than when the Nexus 4 was released…


Was up 4:30am with the young fella and it wasn’t available. Woke up 8:15am, out of stock. Fortunately, must have ordered the single unit that became available at 8:25am.


yeah they were available at about 830 no issue, I don’t want one mind you, too big and expensive but for people like yourself who do, congrats !!


Thanks Chris! Make no mistake though, for me the price was still a hard one to swallow!

Mahmoud Baghdadi

Unlucky! Google is out of inventory.
They’re also advising that the Nexus 6 will be available from JB HI-FI. I’ll call them today to check when will they have it stock.
Congrats to you who bought it 😉

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hi Mahmoud, just curious, how did you go with JB?

Mahmoud Baghdadi

Nothing useful!
They replied with “soon”.

Jason Forsyth

Thanks for the pushbullet notification. Worked a treat. Estimated shipping of the 5th of Jan


YES! Thanks for setting up the Pushbullet notification…


Thankfully I get up early – cheers!