To say that the last week has been an eventful one in the OnePlus-Cyanogen Inc relationship is a massive understatement. Both sides publicly fired shots at one another over the Cyanogen Inc exclusivity deal with Micromax in India. From the outside, it appears to those of us on the outside that the relationship seems doomed. Things are about to get worse this week with Micromax planning to launch their the first phone CyanogenMod powered “YU” line of devices.

Micromax has begun sending out invites to the event where they are expected to unveil their first YU device. With OnePlus and CyanogenMod are fighting over the Cyanogen Inc/Micromax exclusive partnership this launch could not come at a worse time. Whether it signals the end of the relationship between the two companies is unknown but if it does it will definitely be a loss for the greater Android community.

Aside from the OnePlus/CM Inc drama the smartphone that Micromax are releasing promises to be “a monster” according to co-founder Rahul Sharma with “really cool specs”. With the OnePlus One having Android enthusiasts drooling when their specs were announced there is no reason that this device couldn’t be the same. High end specs running CyanogenMod. How developer and hacker friendly this device will be is unknown but hopefully CM Inc will not allow a partner of theirs to stray too far from their roots. This time hopefully CM Inc have enough staff to release a ROM that is clear of bugs.

It is unknown how an Aussie will be able to get their hands on this device but if it is at all possible we will let you know as soon as we do. Is anyone at all interested in this phone?

Source: 91 Mobiles.
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Michael Hazell

It’s Cyanogen Inc, not CyanogenMod Inc.


A “monster” phone = phablet? I’d be very interested, especially if the price and specs are right. Bring on the 18th.

Just tried to check what time it is in India at the moment – “OK Google” voice search is broken in 5.0, but works fine in 501 on my N7. 51/2 hours behind Brisbane. Hard to talk about the bugs in CM when Google can’t get Lollipop 5.0 right.