Owners of the original HTC One have apparently been experiencing issues with their handsets after the latest update pushed out to their phones. Apparently some customers were experiencing audio issues when making calls – with some customers unable to make any calls at all. It seems that HTC has issued a software patch and it should be rolling out to handsets shortly.

In a previous post, HTC recommended that you disable Google Services Framework, as well as remove any VOIP apps, such as Viber, Skype and Facebook Messenger, but this does not appear to have resolved the issu. HTC Australia has announced on their Facebook Page, that an update is on its way to phones that provides an ‘Interim’ fix, while their engineers continue to work on the issue.

The 182MB Update is admittedly a rather large update, so HTC are asking users to connect to Wi-Fi to update their phones. To check and see if your update is now available you can go to Settings>About>Software Updates and see if it’s been pushed. HTC Australia has also advised that if you haven’t updated in a while, you may receive more than one update notification – so make sure you download them all.

If you’re experiencing issues with your HTC One (M7) then you should definitely get in contact with HTC on their helpline on 1800 987 039 or use their Live Chat service. We’ll be watching this one for news of a permanent fix, and let us know in the comments if you’re still having issues after the update.

Source: Facebook.
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My phone downloads the update but won’t install it. Gets about 1/5 of the way through after the phone turns itself off then comes up with a red exclamation point and red triangle then won’t turn on for a couple of minutes??

Hugh Jackman mate

Never had a problem with the audio, but have they addressed the ‘purple photos in low light’ issue yet?

Dylan Wheeler

Yes! Got the update and I can hear my phone calls again! Thanks Ausdroid for posting!


I hasn’t received any update notifications for my m7. Is this an update for 5.0?


I don’t think 5.0 is our for HTC One yet, except maybe GPE. My wife’s phone have had these issues though.