With all the bad news/publicity circulating regarding OnePlus it would be easy for them to hide until it all blows over. It appears OnePlus are taking the opposite tact. They are onto the front foot with their publicity with yet another giveaway, this one running for seven days.

Beginning yesterday OnePlus are running a giveaway each day from yesterday for seven days, with a different prize each day.

Although yesterday was meant to be only for a day I have just tested it and it is still working. Yesterday’s giveaway was for Flow Home and an unlimited unlock code to a closed beta. Flow Home is a home screen that is social. Instead of the usual home screen it is replaced with real time updates from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Upon downloading the app from the Play Store , unlock the app using the code ONEPLS and log in as required to each social network. It is also suggested that you follow Flow Home on Twitter for any updates. At this stage this still works and I siuggest you jump in quickly if you want to try it out.

Today’s giveaway is for 100 dbrand skins and a 16GB Silk White OnePlus One. To enter:


Dbrand skins are a protective vinyl wrap for your phone. Applied with some heat from a hair dryer they offer added protection to your device while changing the look to something you would prefer. The contest does not say that the winners must buy OnePlus One skins so you may be able ot get one for a different phone if required. I plan on asking for a Nexus 6 skin if I win.

Stay tuned to OnePlus’ forum thread each day for the next five days to see what else they are giving away. So far it has not been a case of first in first served so don’t panic the opportunity will likely be there for a minimum of 24 hours for each giveaway.

Source: OnePlus.
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Iain Simmons

The dbrand comp is closed (reached the limit of entries).


bugger… i posted this about 30min after entering. Keep an eye on the thread link to above for their new giveaways each day.