Kogan Nexus 6
Apart from a brief appearance on Google Play, the 64GB version of the Nexus 6 has been a rarity in these parts. Retailers aren’t expecting stock until at least February, but online retailer is now advising customers that it will be March before stock is received.

Ausdroid reader Astinus received an email update from Kogan advising that a ‘temporary global supply shortage’ is the cause behind the delay which will see customers wait until the 16th of March before receiving their order. As you can see below, the same options that Kogan gave previously when delays were being advised are in place. Customers can either change their order, get a credit note, or receive a refund.

Dear ******************,
Thank you for purchasing the Motorola Google Nexus 6 (64GB, White).

At Kogan.com our aim is to always bring you the very latest consumer electronics for fantastic prices.

Global distributors have informed us of a temporary global supply shortage, and your item is now expected to be shipped from our overseas facilities by the 16th of March.

Please note: If you are unable to wait until the new shipment date, please reply to this email and we can offer the following options:

Option 1.

Change your order to another product available on our website (please refer to our website for price differences if applicable)

Option 2.

We will issue a credit voucher to the value of your cancelled product. Your credit voucher can be used to purchase anything from the full range at www.kogan.com.

Option 3.

We will issue a full refund for this product and any associated delivery charges.

Thank you for your patience.

Kindest Regards,
The Kogan Team

If you’re still waiting for your 64GB Nexus 6, it looks like you’ll still be waiting for a fair while. That said, it seems the 32GB version is beginning to hit JB Hifi and Good Guys stores in decent numbers. Alternatively the 2015 Flagship launch season is almost upon us, so perhaps wait and see what HTC, Sony and Samsung have to offer at MWC.

Thanks: Astinus.
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I need Samsung s4


I managed to purchase a 64GB Midnight Blue Nexus 6 on the Australian Play Store this morning. I seemed to have picked the last one. It became out of stock after I completed the purchase.

Michael Neuling

You haven’t been able to buy the Nexus 5 or 6 on the Australian Play Store for weeks now. You can’t buy a Nexus phone there at all. Reasons the Nexus phones haven’t been a commercial success?!?!


What a fricken disaster


Worse than the Nexus 4…


No stock, too big, too expensive and an older processor. The new flagships will have the Snapdragon 810 and might even be available sooner!

Daniel Tyson

Possibly 820, although rumour is that the S6 will eschew the 820 for an in-house 64-Bit Exynos.


Well, seems like the Snapdragon 810 ain’t happening any time soon…overheating issues it seems


The only company that is claiming over heating of the 810 is Samsung, which funny enough, they have their own CPU they can use instead!?


Too big? If you have tried the phone fair enough, but if not a lot of people think that about big phones til they use them for a while. Old processor? the nexus 6 is super quick for me, I’m not sure why I would need a faster processor?


I tried the 5.5″ OnePlus One and found it too big. No-one needs a faster processor, but why buy a Nexus 6 in a couple of months (when it might be available) when the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony will have released their flagships with a faster processor (and maybe more RAM)? It’s not as though the Nexus 6 is cheaper than other flagships.


From Kogan? No….