A1 Indo
Your next trip to Bali could see you picking up a nice cheap phone as part of your shopping trip, with Google announcing that the Android One program is expanding to India later this month.

Google has announced that there will be three new handsets launching in Indonesia, from partners Evercoss, Mito and Nexian. The handsets will contain the same specs as we’ve seen launched already in India initially, as well as more recently in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

9to5Google has grabbed more specific information on the handsets, which will be the Evercoss ‘One X’, Mito ‘Impact’ and Nexian ‘Journey’.



The handsets will be priced at under 1.5 million rupiah (about $152AUD) and include Android Lollipop as the OS – although there was no mention of Android 5.1. OS updates will be provided for the handsets for two years, with Google working with Indonesian Mobile Service provider Telkomsel, to offer reduced data costs for customers purchasing an Android One handset. The deal will allow Android One customers to receive free OTA updates and 200MB of downloads from Google Play per month for the first six months.

Source: Google Asia Pacific.
Via: 9to5Google.