As the new school year gets under way, Lenovo Australia has launched a new online education store, offering a discount to teachers and students on Lenovo hardware and services.

The new store, which is accessible via a login, requires a ‘.edu.au’ or ‘.k12’ email address to access, but offers a pretty substantial 35% saving on Lenovo hardware, there’s also up to 15% discount on their accessories and 15% of services through the store. The discounts are based on the Lenovo online RRP, so there will be no online price matching here.

The discount applies to a range of Lenovo products on the online store including their Android tablets and Chromebooks, but also on their Windows based laptops and tablets as well. If you have a child starting school, then it’s worthwhile checking out the new online store.

Source: Lenovo.
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    Can anyone please tell me what the discount is on the yoga pro 3?


    I just signed up, I feel that it should be re-iterated, it is *UPTO* 35% off, most computers are between 5% and 15% off. Some have a combination of student-price plus e-coupon deals, which add up to about 28% off, but I haven’t see any bigger discounts than that.


    Ok, I found that all the X240 range are 35% off, and theres even one thats 35% off PLUS an e-coupon for an extra $163.50 off the price, so its actually 48% discount on that one.

    Darren Ferguson

    Great timing. School has just started and everyone has already showed up with all their devices. This would have been great if it was announced just a bit earlier.