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In the lead-up to Mobile World Congress 2015 we’re getting more and more teasing tweets from manufacturers. Snippets of information, a screenshot or even a poorly-lit glimpse at a new phone or tablet. This time, it’s Qualcomm playing the tease with the below tweet stating that a new Snapdragon 810 powered phone is on the way at MWC.

With a number of devices rumoured to come with the latest Qualcomm silicon inside, this isn’t really much of a reveal but it’s still nice to see Qualcomm playing along.

Those with a flair for attention to detail will note that the 10:08 is the same time displayed on HTC’s recent publicity releases and screenshots. Perhaps this is hint of things to come on March 1? We’ll know in a few days, either way!

Does all the teasing leading into major conferences serve to excite your inner Geek, or infuriate your want to just know what’s going on?

Source: Qualcomm Twitter.
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HTC M8 becomes M9 running 810 snapdragon.


Also notice the 08 progressing to an 09 before resetting to 8:10 🙂

Phil Tann

What’s your interpretation of that Kieran?


What DarkRain said.

Also in Roman Numerals, M = 1000

10:08 = 1000 + 8 = M + 8 = M8
10:09 = 1000 + 9 = M + 9 = M9

And 810..

Sorry if that was obvious 🙂