Xperia-Z4-Render 1
It appears that someone is testing phones on GFXBench, with first the LG G4 apparently making an appearance this morning and now the upcoming Xperia Z4.

The phone, which is listed with the model # E6553 has shown off hardware which some have suggested will be included in Sony’s next phone, the Xperia Z4. Hardware wise the phone looks pretty rock solid in terms of keeping up with the 2015 flagship phones released so far, with a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (Remember the S6 and M9 have around 23GB of usable space on their 32GB model) and what appears to be a 20MP rear camera (Same as the last 4 iterations, and a 5MP camera on the front.

As you can see the most controversial spec will be the 5.1″ display which appears to only be a 1080P resolution.This would certainly help Sony in regards to battery life, in that Sony has been pushing a ‘2-day battery life’ on their Xperia Z3 phones and with a decent battery, that could again be the case.

Software wise the phone has Android 5.0.2, but this should be 5.1 by the time that any phone launch occurs. Sony has already released binaries for their current open source Xperia Z series phones so an update to 5.1 should be quite possible.

When Sony will release the Z4 isn’t certain, but with these specs it should be soon to make the most of competing spec for spec with the current crop of flagships.

Source: GFXBench.
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vijay alapati

why whould they reduce the screen size from Z3’s 5.2″ to Z4’s 5.1″ 0_o


To increase the pixel density.

vijay alapati

They could have done that for z3


The difference in physical screen dimensions is about 3mm, which is negligible.


Same processor as the overheating HTC?


hoping this is true, and that it comes with Qi