With the Moto E Gen 2  and Moto G2 in the market place, attention is turning to the third generation of the phone which started all this – the Moto X. The one year anniversary of the Moto X will be upon us in a few months, which means that Motorola is going to be well on the way to completing the Moto X 2015 – and one reddit user believes he may have found the evidence of the devices in testing.

The user, who hasn’t actually provided much detail on how he found the specs, simply states that he found the information in his ‘Analytics systems’. This could be anything from his Android Dev console, to his website tracking phones hitting. But, the phones in question have traditional Motorola model #’s and were apparently from the Chicago area – where Motorola has their headquarters.

The phones, which have model #s XT192A, XT1578 and XT1585, all have 2K Displays, with quite high DPI – with two handsets registering with 640ppi. The phones all have Bluetooth LE, NFC and Wi-Fi, and two phones run Android 5.1.1 while the third just 5.1.

If there’s one piece of information which points to these handsets not being a contender for the new Moto X it’s that they are all running on US carrier Verizon. Verizon has traditionally used Motorola as a sort of OEM to build their ‘Droid’ line of phones, phones which don’t generally get released anywhere else in the world.

So, is this new Moto X? Possibly, it could also just as easily be a hoax, so take all of this with a grain of salt. Motorola has been announcing their new Moto X around August/September, so there is a little while to wait. We’ll soon find out if these are anything more than test devices when Motorola announces some new phones.

Source: reddit.
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