Click Frenzy 2015

We’ve talked about Click Frenzy before on Ausdroid; it has been a semi-annual event that bills itself as a national online mega-sale event. It first began in 2012, and there was a bit of a backlash if we’re honest — many of the participating retailers’ e-commerce websites could not keep up with demand, and people took to social media to complain.

Well, that’s nothing new, really. That’s kind of why social media exists. In any event, we’ve had an early tip that Microsoft will be participating in Click Frenzy MAYhem this year (as it’s being billed) which comes around in just under 6 days and 4 hours at the time of writing. Why’s Ausdroid talking about Microsoft? Because Microsoft make some cool things besides Windows, namely Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

Microsoft is offering a host of discounts across its products, which you can access during the 24 hour sale next week. For reference, here’s what they’ll be offering:

Please note the above links will be updated with the deals during the sales period. Microsoft will be offering free shipping and returns on all orders in the case of any issues, too.

We’re keeping an ear out for any other tech sales as part of Click Frenzy MAYhem, and as we find any, we’ll let you know just in case you’re looking for some new gear!

Source: Click Frenzy.
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Darren Ferguson

Well Microsoft is offering decent sales. Maybe we’ll get our own black friday after all.

Palo Verde

No windows phone offers.