The next evolution in Samsung’s Galaxy S Active range appears to have made an appearance in the states, with an AT&T branded device said to be a Galaxy S6 Active stopping by for a sneaky photo. Continuing the range’s styling, the rugged black exterior and physical buttons below the display remain.

The images from GSMArena don’t show too much of a change from the previous Galaxy S5 Active, though it’s likely the improved fingerprint reader featured on the Galaxy S6 range won’t make its way to the active counterpart — there’s no sign of a fingerprint reader in the images.

Sadly, beyond the photos, there’s little information to share for would be Active buyers; they have an anonymous source who claims the device will feature a mammoth 3,500mAh battery, and otherwise the same hardware as the Galaxy S6. Of course, this rumour is US-centric so there may not be a new Active handset in Australia for a little while, but it was around this time last year we met the Galaxy S5 Active, so there might not be too long after all.

Source: GSMArena.
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Walter Dominguez

no sign of a fingerprint reader in the images so that is a disappointment. As when hands free, it allows quick access and eyes on the road!!!!!