LG G4 torn down
Based on feed back we’ve received and pure bulk of interest from readers, the LG G4 is without doubt, one of the most hotly anticipated handsets this year. The phone’s camera, stylish leather back and apparently smooth running UI have the makings of a truly great handset. With all this lining up, it seems the G4 has another tick to add to its list of accomplishments – it’s apparently easy to repair.

The team at Chinese site MyDrivers have gotten hold of a G4 and torn it down to the bare components for an evaluation on repairability. The phone has an advantage over the majority of this years flagship handsets with a removable rear cover and battery, and from there according to MyDrivers, it’s just as easy to replace components.

There’s no exceptionally difficult repairs to be made, with each module coming apart easily and even though there’s no pricing listed, they’re cheap to replace. As expected, the screen is going to be the most expensive component to replace, but apart from that, it seems if you run into trouble and want to Do-It-Yourself you’re going to find a fairly easy to repair handset.

Head over to the source for some nude G4 action or head to Tudou to watch the teardown video.

Source: MyDrivers.
Via: PhoneArena.
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G3 going on G4

Nude G4 action…. Nice touch Daniel 🙂