Samsung has been teasing us with a full on Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge for a while now, and today they’ve finally announced the handset, showing it off with a surprisingly awesome looking new wireless charging pad in the shape of Tony Starks Arc reactor.

The handset is set to become available in only extremely limited quantities though, with Samsung advising :

The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition will be available in Korea on May 27, 2015, with China and Hong Kong in June.

The handset will come with the same specs as the traditional Galaxy S6 Edge, and come with 64GB of storage, so it’s definitely a winner from a spec point of view. Design wise we get the awesome ruby red colouring with gold accents on the phone, including an Iron Man picture on the rear.

Samsung has been leveraging their partnership with Marvel to get Galaxy devices into the latest shows and movies, with the Galaxy S6 showing up in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as in the new Netflix series Daredevil, where Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson both rock the handset.


Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics said:

We are excited to be able to offer our world-class Galaxy S6 edge smartphone designed especially for Iron Man fans through our continued collaboration with Marvel. The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge embodies the power of the iconic Avenger with a dual-curved edge design and advanced features that will provide Marvel fans with the ultimate entertainment experience.

Want to see more? Samsung has produced an unboxing video to show off the handset, including the Avengers theme and customised hardware, as well as that awesome Arc reactor wireless charger.

Despite what Samsung have said with regards to availability, we’re enquiring about whether this will ever see the light of day in Australia. Though with a very limited run, it’s very likely not, but we can remain hopeful that maybe that wireless charger might.

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I owned the Xperia T James Bond Skyfall phone.
Bond sound effects, the wallpaper… you know, the novelty wears off fairly quickly.

Get a cheap case.

Bootloops Anonymous

Hong Kong phone’s are compatible with our networks, aren’t they?