Asus ZenPad
At Computex next week, Asus, as one of the tech leaders in the Asia Pacific region, usually kicks off the show with a massive bang. We’ve heard previously that they will be announcing a new range of ZenPad tablets powered by Intel with a new 4:3 aspect ratio screen and now we’ve got an early look at the tablets in these press renders.

The renders show the screen in the very Apple-like aspect ratio, but it’s becoming a new way to look at tablet design, Acer has been doing 4:3 AR screens on some of their previous models and Samsung recently releasing their Galaxy A series tablets with 4:3 AR, now Asus is following suit. The tablet also has what appears to be front-facing speakers, which should make for a decent media viewing (and listening) experience – if you can get over those largeish bezels.

The rear of the tablet appears to be some sort of soft touch material making up the bulk of the rear and a leather, or leather-like ‘pleather’ strip at the edge. There is of course a rear-facing camera and the ‘Intel Inside’ logo on the rear confirms the processor that will be powering the new generation of ZenPad.

Other details we can see in the renders include a power button mounted below a volume rocker on the right-hand side of the tablet and a 3.5mm jack on the top. There appears to be a slot on the right edge as well, most likely for a microSD card, although rumours do talk about a cellular enabled model of the tablet being announced as well.

As for specs, we’re apparently going to see two models, a 7″ and 8″ model, with Intel processors and varying degrees of storage. The 8″ model will have a higher resolution 2048×1536 screen, while the 7″ will have a decidedly low 1024×600 resolution.

We’ll see more of these tablets, and find out the official specs when they’re launched by Asus next month at Computex in Taipei.

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The 8in model would be a nice basis for the next Nexus 8in tablet.


Nice score man! You are my hero!