For anyone who is into tech podcasts and isn’t aware of the TWiT network, you’re not looking hard enough. Led by Leo Laporte, the TWiT network are probably the biggest name in podcasting with shows such as The Tech Guy, Tech News Today, This Week in Google and of course All About Android (AAA).

It was the latter (AAA) that Dan was scheduled to visit and be a part of the live audience yesterday, but ended up at the round table accompanying the hosts Jason Howell and Ron Richard, with guests Phil Nickinson from Android Central and Michael Wolfson, a developer from Clear Token.

You can check out the show on and see the show notes if you’re keen to see what was discussed during the show before watching below.

Update: Make sure you vote for Plunder Bros from Aussie developer Andrew Dittmer from Appic Win in teh poll at

Did you watch live? Let us know what you thought of the differing opinions from the broadcasters

Source: TWiT TV.
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    Surprise, Tango failed to connect, well if you look there is no signal and it looks like a cellular service. Amazing it can’t connect where there is no connection.


    Got a pleasant surprise on the evening commute home tonight.


    The Google Docs spreadsheet about each ep of AAA, is something Ausdroid should use for their podcasts.


    That is so cool. Go Dan!


    My two favourite Android podcasts. Great to see you on there, Dan!

    Looking forward to your insight of I/O!



    Was surprised to hear while listening to the new AAA episode on the way into work this morning (after I adjusted the bass on my car stereo so that I could hear it.. Barry White, eat your heart out!)


    Okay. Gotta listen now. My two favorite Androidians on the show.

    Phil Nickinson

    My beard … was lacking. Great to see you, Dan!

    Phil Tann

    HAH, Love it Phil!

    Join us on Ausdroid again once the dust settles post I/O mate – you’re always welcome, you know that right? πŸ™‚


    It’d be great to see you on an Ausdroid podcast once again, Phil



    Awesome Photo Dan. I agree with your comments re just release everything internationally keep all of your google subjects happy.