nuviCam, Standard View, United Kingdom

Look we don’t often talk about GPS, because let us be honest, Google Maps works pretty well for me (and most of us, I’m sure) when it comes to nav in the car. That said, I do have a Garmin GPS in the car, and I quite enjoy using it, because its always mounted, it has live traffic alerts, and it just kind of works. Plus, for $100 when I bought it, it meant I didn’t have to get my phone out of my pocket and put it in into a stand. The stand-alone GPS still has a place in my car, and probably many of yours.

With that in mind, I write to tell you about Garmin’s new GPS, the nüviCam LMT. It’s a GPS unit, but it also includes a built-in dash cam just in case of those close calls, and it features some fancy driver awareness to help you get to your destination a bit more safely.

The nüviCam offers the latest in premium driver-assist features typically found only in luxury vehicles. For example, Forward Collision Warning alerts drivers if they’re driving too close to the car ahead; Lane Departure Warning alerts will appear and sound if the driver drifts off the road or into oncoming traffic; and Garmin’s Real Vision system takes the guess work out of deciphering hard-to-see house numbers by displaying the camera view along with a bright arrow to direct drivers where to go when approaching select destinations.

“The nüviCam LMT goes beyond helping drivers get from Point A to Point B,” said Matt DeMoss, General Manager, Garmin Australasia. “The intuitive driver-assist features not only lessen the stress of getting you to your destination, but the nüviCam also provides peace of mind in knowing that your commute is being recorded and can be referenced should you need it.”  

In terms of detail, the nüviCam features a 6-inch pinch-to-zoom glass display with a high-definition dash cam built into the back of the device. When powered on, the integrated dash cam continuously records on the included microSD card, and if an incident occurs, the device’s Incident Detection will automatically save files on impact. GPS records exactly where and when events occur, and drivers can play back the video on the device or from a computer using Garmin’s software For those worried it might be too appealing to leave in the car, you’ll be pleased to note that the included magnetic mount enables the device to be easily and quickly secured or removed from the vehicle.

To make sure drivers never miss a turn, the nüviCam utilises Active Lane Guidance, which uses a combination of voice prompts and visual cues to prepare users to drive through an exit or interchange with confidence. Up Ahead appears alongside the driving map and constantly informs of nearby services, including restaurants, fuel stations and rest areas, and spoken Garmin Real Directions guides drivers like a friend would, using recognisable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. 

The nüviCam comes preloaded with detailed maps of Australia and New Zealand and free lifetime map updates are included to ensure the most up-to-date maps, points of interest and navigation information is available. The device is now available from $499 (though retailers will probably sell it for a bit less), though I can’t immediately see it in any online stores that I checked.

We’ve asked Garmin if they have a review unit available so we can tell you a bit more about it.