Since launching the ultra low-cost Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker last year, Xiaomi is rumoured to have sold around 6 million of the bands. Apparently it’s time for an update, with a purported render of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 popping up on social networking site Weibo.

It’s been a big year for Xiaomi in accessories with their Mi Key button, as well as the Mi Band fitness tracker. 6 million units, is a solid number by any companies standards, and though the $15 price tag is a major factor, the functionality, which includes step and sleep tracking, as well as the ability to connect to Google Fit has also been a major factor, so how do they top that? By adding a touchscreen and NFC is the rumour.

Even though Xiaomi has done extremely well on price with the original Mi Band, with the extra components, it’s obvious the price will be higher – but how much higher is the question? Well, with the one year anniversary of the Mi Band coming up next month, we’ll probably soon find out.

Do you have a Mi Band? Would you update to the Mi Band 2?

Source: PhoneArena.
Thanks: Weibo.
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After losing and then finding my Mi band last week i was thinking the button on the band should’ve been inside. I’ll be getting this as soon as available. Hoping for 1 mth battery.

Jamie S

I loved my Mi band until the loop on it broke and I had to use duct tape to keep it secure. I hope Xiaomi open a store in Australia soon. Mind you, since I got my Gear Live it’s been relegated to the drawer.


It’s a good time to upgrade. When it will be released?

vijay alapati

Will wait for the release and if the price is higher then i will buy the old one in clearance sale